Dual Degree Programs in Public Health Data Science


We offer the opportunity to complete a dual degree with the University of Bordeaux in France. These programs in Population Health Methods and Data Sciences, offer degrees in Public Health Data Science (MSc), or Digital Public Health (PhD) jointly with Epidemiology (MSc and PhD), Biostatistics (MSc and PhD), or Public Health (MScPH), at McGill.

The MSc requires a first year at McGill and includes a period (4 -12 months minimum depending on degree program and internship) of coursework, and international research and practice, in public health data science. The training will cover project design to real life health data analysis and communication of results. With multidisciplinary skills in epidemiology, informatics, and statistics, the MSc will provide you with sound knowledge about strengths and limitations of digital technologies and their use in public health research and practice. The PhD will build on this foundation and requires a first year at McGill and at least one year minimum at Bordeaux University, with the remaining two years at one and/or the other institution according to the student’s thesis project.

For more information about the Bordeaux components of the programs please visit:
https://digital-public-health.u-bordeaux.fr/ and https://vimeo.com/356876001/86970b46f7 (video).

Overview of the Dual Degree Programs (PDF)

Admission and Application Information

To be considered for the Dual Degree Programs, please select at least one of the following degrees we offer in conjunction with the Bordeaux program. Then start the application process as described by that program. You will be asked to indicate whether you wish to be considered for the Dual Degree, and once you have responded YES, you will be taken to another page to complete additional information specific to the Dual Degree.

Please Select:
Epidemiology MSc or PhD
Biostatistics MSc or PhD
Public Health MSc

Contact: DualDegrees.bordeaux [at] mcgill.ca

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