Main Contacts

Student Affairs Office
2001 McGill College - Suite 1250
Montreal, Canada H3A 1A2
Tel: 514-398-4229
graduate.eboh [at]

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Closed from 12:30 to 1:30

Graduate Program Directors
Epidemiology: arijit.nandi [at] (Arijit Nandi)
Public Health: christine.stich [at] (Christine Stich) / dimitra.panagiotoglou [at] (Dimitra Panagiotoglou)
Biostatistics: erica.moodie [at] (Erica Moodie)
Occupational Health: paul.heroux [at] (Paul Héroux)

Student Affairs Officer
gradadmin.eboh [at] (André Yves Gagnon)
Tel.: 514-398-1812

Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator
gradcoord2.eboh [at] (Katherine Hayden)
Tel.: 514-398-6269

Student Affairs Coordinator
gradcoord1.eboh [at] (Deirdre Lavery)
Tel.: 514-398-4229

MScPH Program Officer
progofficermscph.eboh [at] (subject: MScPH%20Program) (Ester Di Cori)
Tel.: 514-398-5283

MScPH Practicum Administrator
Sara Cornet (on leave)
practicum.eboh [at] (Enoch Leung)
Tel.: TBA

MScPH Program Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator
mscph.eboh [at] (Stephanie Tave)
Tel.: 514-398-1964

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