Training program

  1. Teaching rounds

    Regular teaching rounds are scheduled to include the entire university department on a weekly basis. Most presentations are made by attending staff and residents in the teaching program, but from time to time presentations are made by visiting professors from around the world or invited clinicians from the McGill milieu.

  2. Basic clinical studies

    The American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-H&NS) offers a complete line of continuing education in otolaryngology - head and neck surgery. They are designed both for resident education and continuing education of the practitioner. The educational programs that the residents participate in are the following:

    • Home Study Course: The home study course of the AAO-H&NS provides direction for two years of study that offers residents a series of unique, dynamic, and educational experiences. A resident can take this course at his/her own expense.
    • CDN-H&NS Annual examination: This exam is scheduled in the spring and is MANDATORY for all R3 and R5 residents.
    • PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY EXAM (POS): (R-2) It is compulsory for the residents to register for this exam which is held in May of every year (residents must successfully pass this exam before becoming eligible to write the Royal College exams). The contact person for this is Lucie Francoeur (CORE Surgery) at the RVH. (514-843-1532).
  3. Journal Clubs:

    Journal Clubs will be arranged and will be held four times per academic year on a Thursday evening in place of rounds. This will be done under the supervision of the attending staff. (ex: October, November, January, March)

  4. Guest Speakers:

    Guest speakers should be scheduled on a regular basis throughout the academic year and will be linked with the weekly teaching rounds. Notices will be posted on the ENT Bulletin boards at each respective hospital. Annual events are:

    • Resident Research Day/James D. Baxter Lectureship
    • Raymer Lectureship (JGH)
    • McNally Memorial Lectureship (RVH)
    • Herbert S. Birkett Memorial Lecture (held by Med-Chi Society, otolaryngology section)
    • Melvin D. Schloss Pediatric Otolaryngology Lectureship and Academic Day (MCH)
  5. Publications:

    Residents must author or co-author papers presented locally, nationally, or internationally. Our annual Resident Research Day is held every spring where ALL RESIDENTS WILL BE EXPECTED TO DELIVER A TEN-MINUTE PAPER.

  6. Resident attendance at meetings:

    Any resident shall have the right to attend, without loss of salary, one or more meetings or courses, up to a total of ten days per year. Residents will be encouraged to attend meetings that are subject to approval from the Program Director or Chairman. A senior resident (R5) is entitled to attend one meeting during his/her final year and would be given $1,000 towards his/her expenses.

    There is a reimbursement of any expenses to a medical student for having presented a paper at a national or an international meeting up to $250.

  7. Vacation:

    Residents are entitled to four weeks of vacation per year, not more than two weeks of which shall be taken in any one rotation. Exceptions will be made for trips planned abroad and only with the approval of the Program Director. Residents are also entitled to seven working days per year of exam preparation leave to study for mandatory examinations (e.g., POS and RCSPC exams). Graduating residents are permitted to take one month of vacation with 10 days of "study leave" for a total of six weeks study time prior to the Royal College examinations. R2s must be available in July and August to attend the introductory lectures and are not permitted to take their vacation during the Annual CSO-H&NS meeting. Residents are encouraged to take their yearly leaves. If they do not take their yearly vacation or conference leave, only upon approval of the Program Director, they are entitled to carry forward for one year only 10 vacation days (including weekends) and five conference days.

    Vacation requests should be made six months in advance and may be modified with the agreement of both the chief resident and the program director up to three months in advance. Following that date, modifications will only be made in extenuating circumstances. Residents must fill a vacation request form, which is available at each hospital, and return it to the McGill administrative office. A resident must obtain prior approval from the site director where the resident will be doing his/her rotation as well as from the program director and the chief resident who is responsible for the on call schedule and the appropriate hospital coverage. VACATION REQUEST FORMS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE DEPARTMENTAL SECRETARY AT EACH HOSPITAL.

  8. Courses:

    Attendance at courses outside Montreal is not encouraged, however, if a course is attended, it is at the resident's expense.

    STUDY LEAVE: Residents shall take study leave only for meetings and courses and not for preparation of papers or study time.

  9. Prizes and presentations:

    Prizes and presentations are held throughout the year and include the following:

    • Resident Research Day/James D. Baxter Lecture – McGill
    • Triological Society – sectional awards for residents
    • American Academy of Otolaryngology – H&NS – awards for resident presentations and research
    • Melvin D. Mendelsohn Temporal Bone Drilling Prize – sponsored by BristolMyersSquibb
    • Jr. and Sr. residents receive and award for Best grand rounds presentation(clinical and research)
    • Best Canmeds resident (W. H. Novick Award)


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