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Fellowship committee members

  • Dr. Jamie Rappaport (Fellowship Director) jrappaport [at] jgh.mcgill.ca (Email)
  • Dr. Keith Richardson, Program Director
  • Dr. Sam J. Daniel (Pediatric Fellowship & Research Supervisor)
  • Dr. Michael Hier and Dr. Nader Sadeghi (Head & Neck Fellowship Co-Supervisors)
  • Dr. Marc Tewfik (Rhinology/Skull base Fellowship Supervisor)
  • Dr. Karen Kost (Laryngology Fellowship Supervisor)

How to apply

See the Faculty of Medicine's Postgraduate Medical Education website to apply online.

Fellowships available




Fellowship requirements

  1. The Fellow(s) will be directly responsible to the Director of the Fellowship Training Program and the Otolaryngologist-in-Chief of the hospital at which the Fellow is based. The Fellow(s) will be classified as research or clinical, as determined by the Fellowship Committee and as confirmed by the office of the Dean of the McGill Faculty of Medicine.
  2. The Fellow(s) will be strongly encouraged to participate in research. The Fellow(s) should aim to publish a minimum of one research-oriented paper during the fellowship year. Attendance at Research Topics lectures is encouraged.
  3. Clinical and teaching duties and course work will be determined by the individual supervisor and the fellowship committee. This may include rounds with the resident staff, lectures to medical students and residents, as well as supervision of resident consultations and discussion with attending staff.
  4. Fellows will not compete with the residents for clinical or surgical case material, but will rather complement the training experience of the residents.


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