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Fellowship committee members

  • Dr. Jamie Rappaport (Fellowship Director)
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  • Keith Richardson, Program Directorl
  • Dr. Sam J. Daniel (Pediatric Fellowship & Research Supervisor)
  • Dr. Michael Hier (Head & Neck Fellowship Supervisor)
  • Dr.Marc Tewfik (Rhinology/Skull base Fellowship Supervisor)
  • Dr. Karen Kost (Laryngology Fellowship Supervisor)

How to apply

See the Faculty of Medicine's Postgraduate Medical Education website to apply online.

Fellowships available


Neurotology: Dr. J. Rappaport, Dr. A. Katsarkas, Dr. A. Zeitouni

McGill Auditory Sciences Laboratory: Dr. S. J. Daniel

Vestibular Laboratory: Dr. A. Katsarkas

Electronic Information Laboratory: Dr. B. Segal

Clinical and research fellowship:

Head & Neck: Dr. M. J. Black, Dr. M. Hier, Dr. K. Kost, Dr. A. Mlynarek, Dr. R. Payne, Dr. A. Zeitouni

Head & Neck and Microvacular Reconstruction: Dr. M. J. Black, Dr. M. Hier, Dr. K. Kost, Dr. A. Mlynarek, Dr. R. Payne, Dr. A. Zeitouni

PDF icon skull_base_-_rhinology_fellowship_latest.pdf: Dr. Marc A. Tewfik, Dr. Anthony Zeitouni

Pediatric Otolaryngolgy: Dr. S. J. Daniel, Dr. J. Manoukian, Dr. L. Nguyen, Dr. M. Schloss

Laryngology: Dr. K. Kost

Fellowship requirements

  1. The Fellow(s) will be directly responsible to the Director of the Fellowship Training Program and the Otolaryngologist-in-Chief of the hospital at which the Fellow is based. The Fellow(s) will be classified as research or clinical, as determined by the Fellowship Committee and as confirmed by the office of the Dean of the McGill Faculty of Medicine.
  2. The Fellow(s) will follow similar research guidelines as enrichment year residents. This will include the submission of a research proposal, implementation of the research project, presentations to the committee (initial, mid-year progress, fellowship grand rounds), and submission of a final report. The Fellow(s) must publish a minimum of one research-oriented paper during the fellowship year. Attendance at Research Topics lectures (Dr. Segal) is encouraged.
  3. Clinical and teaching duties and course work will be determined by the individual supervisor and the fellowship committee. This may include rounds with the resident staff, lectures to medical students and residents, as well as supervision of resident consultations and discussion with attending staff.
  4. Fellows will not compete with the residents for clinical or surgical case material, but will rather complement the training experience of the residents.

Department of Otolaryngology — Previous & current fellows


  • Dr. Itzhak Braverman (Rhinology; Dr. S. Frenkiel)
  • Dr. Navin Prinja (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)


  • Dr. Khalid Al Ghamdi (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)
  • Dr. Youssef Al Ghamdi (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)
  • Dr. Dan Nachtigal (Rhinology; Dr. S. Frenkiel)


  • Dr. Shelly Browning (Neuro-otology)
  • Dr. Ashraf Al-Benayan (Neuro-otology; until Dec. 1999)
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Ammar (Pediatrics; Dr. M. Schloss)
  • Dr. Caroline Tawile (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)
  • Dr. Khalid Al Ghamdi (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)
  • Dr. Max Sawaf (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)


  • Dr. Khalid Al-Sebeih (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous/Head & Neck; Dr. M. J. Black)
  • Dr. Abdul Bassas (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)
  • Dr. Walid Al-Ghamdi (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)
  • Dr. Julio Bernardes (Research; Dr. S. Daniel)


  • Dr. Julio Bernardez (Rhinology/Otology; Dr. S. Frenkiel)
  • Dr. Adul-Hadi Yamani (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)
  • Dr. Hanh H. Hugo (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)


  • Dr. M. Rowshani (Rhinology; Dr. S. Frenkiel)


  • Dr. A. Hussain (Rhinology; Dr. M. Desrosiers)
  • Dr. Fardin Eghtedari (H&N; Drs. M. Black & Hier)
  • Dr. Iman L. Salem (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)
  • Dr. Hamid Obeid (Facial Plastics; Dr. N. Fanous)
  • Dr. Oleksandra Ostrovska (Neuro-otology/Research; Dr. A. Katsarkas)


  • Dr. Abdulrahman Sanosi (Neuro-otology; Dr. A. Katsarkas)
  • Dr. Udi Cinammon (H&N; Drs. M. Black & Hier)
  • Dr. Walid Abou-Hadam (Rhinology; Dr. M. Desrosiers)


  • Dr. Mohammed Al-Garni (Pediatrics)


  • Dr. Mohamed Al-Garni (Head & Neck; Drs. M. Hier, K. Kost, A. Zeitouni)
  • Dr. Hwang Siew Yong (Rhinology; Drs. M. Samaha & M. Desrosiers)


  • Dr. Basel Al-Sabah (Pediatrics)
  • Dr. Saleh Al-Ghamdi (Rhinology; Drs. M. Samaha, M. Desrosiers)


  • Dr. Saleh Al-Ghamdi (Rhinology; Drs. M. Samaha, M. Desrosiers)
  • Dr. Limor Muallem Kalmovich (H&N; Drs. M. Hier, M. Black, K. Kost)
  • Dr. Hasan Al-Shemari (Pediatrics)


  • Dr. Fahad Al-Saab (Pediatrics; Drs. S. Daniel, J. Manoukian, L. Nguyen, M. Schloss)
  • Dr. Hadi Hakami (H&N; Drs. M. Hier, M. Black, R. Payne)


  • Dr. Yahya Al-Badaai (Rhinology)
  • Dr. Yaser Al-Rajhi (Pediatrics)
  • Dr. Hadi Hakami (H&N; Drs. M. Hier, M. Black, R. Payne)


  • Dr. Eyal Sela (H&N)
  • Dr. Nadine Yammine (Laryngology)


  • Dr. Eyal Sela (H&N, Dr. M. Hier)
  • Dr. Jacob Pitaro (Pediatrics, Dr. S. Daniel)


  • Dr. Alyssa Kanaan (Pediatrics, Dr. S. Daniel)
  • Dr. Constanza Valdes (Rhinology, Drs. M. Tewfik/M. Samaha)
  • Dr. Madana Jeevanandam (Microvasc. Surg/H&N Onc. Drs. Hier/Black/Mlynarek) 2 years


  • Dr. Andrea Darnbrough (Laryngology, Dr. K. Kost)
  • Dr. Madana Jeevanandam (Microvasc. Surg/H&N Onc., Drs. Hier/Black/Mlynarek)


  • Dr. Rania Ywakim (H&N Cutan. malig/Facial Plastics, Dr. K. Kost)
  • Dr. Namrata Varma (Pediatrics, Dr. S. Daniel)
  • Dr. Remi Shoukrun (H&N, Drs. Hier/Black/Mlynarek)
  • Dr. Hamoud Alarouj (Laryngology, Dr. K. Kost)
  • Dr. Susan Edionwe (Rhinology – Skull Base, Drs. M.Tewfik/A.Zeitouni)


  • Dr. Faisal Zawawi (Pediatrics, Dr. S. Daniel)


  • Dr. Tze Choong Charn (Rhinology and Skull base, Dr. M. Tewfik & Dr. A. Zeitouni)
  • Dr. Mai Naytah (Laryngology, Dr. K. Kost) 
  • Dr. Yehuda Schwarz (Pediatrics, Dr. S. Daniel)
  • Dr. Ilia Ianovski (Head & Neck, Dr. M. Hier) 


  • Dr. Ilia Ianovski (Head & Neck, Dr. M. Hier)
  • Dr. Pilar Gajardo (Pediatrics, Dr. S. Daniel)
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