Laryngology Course Program

March 30, 2016


8:00     Registration
            Welcome and introduction
            Drs. Saul Frenkiel, John Manoukian & Karen Kost

8:30     Physiology of phonation:
            Aerodynamic Myoelastic theory
            Dr. TBA

9:15     Evaluation of patients with voice disorders & Videostroboscopy
            Dr. Nadine Yammine

9:45     Evaluation of the professional voice
            Dr. Francoise Chagnon

10:05    Reflux laryngitis
            Dr. Karen Kost

10:35    Refreshment Break

10:45    How to perform a FEES
            Dr. Jonathan Young

11:00    Evaluation of dysphagia
            Dr. TBA

11:30    Surgical management of dysphagia
            Dr. TBA

11:50    Transnasal esophagoscopy

12:20    Lunch (provided)

1:00     Hands on practice:
            Videostroboscopy and TNE
            Small group sessions with faculty

2:30     Refreshment Break

2:45     Benign laryngeal lesions & Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
            Dr. Karen Kost

3:35     CO2 lasers / KTP lasers

4:00     Laryngeal Trauma
            Dr. Andrea Darnbrough

4:30     Laryngotracheal stenosis
            Dr. John Manoukian


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