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Further information on Honours

The Honours Program in English is an exciting opportunity to delve deeper into Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, or Drama & Theatre Studies. It provides students with the opportunity to undertake a structured and wide-ranging program of study, culminating in an honours essay, on a topic of the student's choice, supervised by a faculty member in the Department of English. Participation in independent research combined with advanced course work offers students the latitude to develop their personal interests and ideas while developing as critical thinkers and scholars. The Honours Program in English is intended as preparation not only for graduate studies but also for a broad range of intellectually or creatively demanding professions and careers.

English students in the Literature, Cultural Studies, or Drama & Theatre stream wishing to enter the Honours Program usually apply at the end of two terms in an English Major or Minor program, preferably after completing at least 18 credits of English. So if you are about to complete two terms or 18 credits of your English program, now is the time to contact an Honours Advisor for more information about the program and its entrance requirements. An Honours Advisor will be able to help you to find a supervisor--that is, a faculty member who will help you plan your Honours program and guide you in your research--and will also update your Honours audit sheet once you have been accepted into the progam. You should also look out for information sessions about the honours program, usually held in November and January, and consult the honours FAQ.

Admission to Honours is by application. You can download a copy of the form here: Honours Application or pick up a hard copy at the Undergraduate Student Affairs Office, Arts 155 We encourage you to apply to Honours if your CGPA is 3.3 or higher. Students with an English Program GPA of 3.50 (that is, a GPA of 3.50 calculated from their Honours audit sheet), but a lower CGPA, may also apply and make a case for their acceptance.

Honours English is a 54-credit program, and so we urge students intending to apply for Honours to complete as many of the specific requirements of their option as possible within the first two years. With an advisor's written approval, up to nine credits may be taken outside the Department. All Honours students complete at least 6 of their complementary credits at the 500 level. Ideally, 500-level seminars chosen will be relevant to the area of the student's independent study in the 6-credit Honours Essay course. The Honours Essay, which is usually taken in the Fall (ENGL 491D1) and Winter (ENGL 491D2) of the final year, is first planned in consultation with a supervisor at the time of application to the Honours program; it is then guided and evaluated by that supervisor during the completion of ENGL 491D1/491D2. 

Graduation with Honours requires, in addition to 54 credits of English, a minimum mark of B+ on the Honours Essay, a minimum CGPA of 3.0, and a minimum program GPA of 3.50. Graduation with First Class Honours requires a minimum mark of A on the Honours Essay, a minimum CGPA of 3.50, and a minimum program GPA of 3.70.

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