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Reread Policy

Reassessments and Rereads: Faculty of Arts

Please consult the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Calendar for the policy concerning Reassessment of Course Work and Rereads of Final Exams.

Reread Policy: Department of English

Rereads for graduate courses are governed by regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. Rereads for undergraduate courses (including 500-level courses) are governed by regulations of the Faculty of Arts. In addition, the following internal policy with respect only to undergraduate rereads is to be followed:

  1. Students desiring their work to be re-evaluated shall in the first instance discuss the matter with their instructor.
  2. In the event that the result of this discussion does not satisfy the student's desire for a re-evaluation, the student may make application to the Departmental Chair (or the Chair's representative). The student will fill in a form naming the course and its instructor, and attaching the piece of work for which re-evaluation is desired, signing the form to indicate that the preliminary meeting in 1. above has taken place.
  3. The Departmental Chair (or the Chair's representative) will send this form to the instructor for counter-signature. In the event that the instructor claims that the preliminary meeting described in 1. above has not taken place, the Departmental Chair (or the Chair's representative) will bring the two parties together, and the process will not go forward until student and instructor have discussed the matter and attempted to come to agreement. When this discussion has taken place, if the student so desires, the process will continue.
  4. The reread will take place according to Faculty of Arts regulations. Please note: New Faculty policy requires that a request for a reread should take place within 10 working days of the date of the return of course work. Students must use diligence in obtaining corrected work.
  5. When the reread is complete, and the second reader has submitted a report, the Departmental Chair (or the Chair's representative) will inform both the student and the instructor of the result.
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