Incomplete Course Work

If, in the instructor's opinion, there is sufficient reason to permit a delay in the submission of required term work, an extension of deadline requiring the signature of both the student and instructor may be granted, and the instructor will submit a grade of K (incomplete). If a new grade is submitted within the deadline by the instructor, this will appear on the student's Faculty reports and verification forms following the K and will replace the K on the student's official University transcripts.

If the required work is not completed before the deadline, the grade KF will be recorded in the same way as the grade above. (KF denotes a failed course and has the same effect on the GPA as an F.)

Note that students with uncleared Ks will not be considered for scholarships.

The deadline originally agreed upon between instructor and student can only be extended by permission of the Associate Dean, who requires a note of explanation. The instructor must agree to the extension.

Students who have not, without accepted excuse, participated in, or written the final examination in, a course for which they have registered, may be given a grade of J (absent). In the calculation of the GPA, this is treated as an F.

Students are responsible for making all arrangements for incompletes directly with their instructor concerning the length of the extension, the submission of late work, the reporting of the grade, and the return of all students' submissions. Students must sign the form that accompanies the submission of a K.

All questions concerning the resolution or clearing of Ks should be addressed to the particular instructor involved.

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