Funded Projects

Low-Cost, High-Yield Transceivers for Optical Access Networks Enabled by Analog Signal Processing

Professor David Plant & Fonex Data Systems Inc.

Canadian Internet service providers, including Bell, Rogers, and TELUS are facing critical challenges to upgrade their access networks in order to support bandwidth intensive products and services. In this project, we will design and implement a novel receiver, using analog signal processing techniques, which significantly outperforms current receivers. In a collaboration with FONEX, we will design, and construct a pre-production version of the receiver and optimize the analog signal processing techniques. This will enable increased bandwidth at reduced costs for next generation access networks.

Magnetic Bead Lamp and Flocculation-Based Detection for Point-of-Care Bacterial/Viral Discrimination

Professors Sara Mahshid and Maryam Tabrizian & Galenvs Sciences Inc.

The discrimination between viral and bacterial infections has long been a goal in the field of Point-of-Care (PoC) diagnostics. Such a diagnostic tool would prevent the over-prescription of antibiotics, a leading cause of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The proposed PoC device leverages new advances in molecular diagnostics to provide a rapid, portable and inexpensive method of bacterial/viral discrimination through genetic target identification using novel magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) based flocculation assay coupled to isothermal PCR amplification (LAMP). The developed technology has the potential to provide fast, sensitive and facile PoC diagnostic devices in a variety of fields necessitating molecular detection.


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