Updated 31AUG2021

** EMF RDP access is reserved for registered students in Engineering/ARCH undergraduates & Urban Planning only

The instructions can be found below and/or may be downloaded via the following pdf file: EMF RDP Guide FALL2020

1: In order to access EMF resources, the following must be setup:

a) Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

b) McGill VPN


If there are issues setting up 2FA/VPN, students should contact McGill Central IT services for support directly:

2: Software access on EMF workstations

  • If students have access to install/run software (i.e. freeware or free student versions), it is highly recommended it is installed on their personal workstation.
  • For softwares that cannot be installed (i.e. licensed softwares) and have been already approved/installed on the EMF workstations, please proceed with the steps for EMF RDP access

* Note: Some softwares may only be installed in certain workstations/labs

3: RDP to EMF workstation

  • Ensure you are properly connected to McGill VPN
  • To find/access an available EMF workstation to RDP to, please visit:


Select an EMF lab that you should have access to:

General Access labs (for ALL EMF users):

FDA1, FDA2, MC10, MDHG15, TR4, TR5

Restricted labs:

MC021 (FSAE), MD285 (CIVIL Design Project Course), MDH103 (ARCH), WONG 1120 (CHEM)


a) The selected lab will show a list of available workstations

  • Choose an available workstation and click on ‘Connect’

b) Save the .rdp file (i.e. on your desktop on your personal computer)

  • Double click (or run) the .rdp file to initiate the RDP session

c) A publisher warning message may appear. Click ‘Connect’ to continue

--> Enter your McGill username/password


* Please consult the EMF workstation availability RDP site each time you need to RDP

* Workstation(s) you accessed previously may not be available

** If using an operating system other than Windows 10 (e.g. macOS, Linux) you must install a compatible RDP client for your operating system

--> Once RDP session is finished, you must sign out (Do Not Disconnect your session)

  • Right click on the Start Menu icon --> Sign out --> Sign out

RDP policies on EMF workstations:

  1. If a user has disconnected their EMF RDP session (not signed out properly)
  • After 15 minutes, their session will be logged off.
  • Any unsaved work will be lost


  1. If an EMF RDP session is connected but idle (no activity) for more than 15 minutes
  • A system message will warn the user their session has been idle for too long and will be disconnected
  • * User can press any key to remain active during the 2-minute warning message
  • If still idle, session will be disconnected and then #1) above applies


  1. For any active EMF RDP sessions that stays connected for longer than 12 hours
  • Session will be disconnected and any unsaved work will be lost


EMF workstation reboot for maintenance

* EMF workstations have weekly reboots for maintenance (TUES at 4:00am or 4:30am).

** If still logged during maintenance period any unsaved files will be lost.


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