Resident Research

Association of Intravenous Radiocontrast with Kidney Function. A Regression Discontinuity Analysis.

Robert Goulden, MBBS1; Brian H. Rowe, MD2; Michal Abrahamowicz, PhD1; et al


The Impact of Competency by Design on Quebec PGY1s in the 2017-2018 cohorts in anesthesiology and ENT/HNS.

Tanguay-Rioux X, Beauregard M, Labossière M, Dufour S, Grandjean-Blanchet C, Ruel-Laliberté J, Couillard S.


Is Initial rhythm in OHCA a predictor of preceding no flow time? Implications for bystander response and ECPR candidacy evaluation.

Published: Resuscitation. 2018 Jul; 128:88-92.

Tanguay-Rioux X, Grunau B, Neumar R, Tallon J, Boone R, Christenson J.


Hypertonic Saline and Acute Bronchiolitis: The Debate Is Still On.

Published: JAMA Pediatrics. 2018 Jan; 172(1):93.

Tanguay-Rioux X, Maneshi A, Al Hoqani H.


Prevalence of Burnout Among McGill University residents

Alshemeili, A.


Does intravenous contrast cause kidney injury? A quasi-experimental study

Goulden, R.


Alternative Explanations for the Obesity Paradox in Sepsis

Published: Critical Care Medicine. (2019). 47(9), e790.

Goulden, R


Association between hospital volume and mortality in status epilepticus: a national cohort study

Published: Critical Care Medicine. (2018). 46(12), 1969-1976.

Robert Goulden, Tony Whitehouse, Nick Murphy, Tom Hayton, Zahid Khan, Catherine Snelson, Julian Bion, Tonny Veenith


qSOFA, SIRS, and NEWS for predicting in-hospital mortality and ICU admission in emergency admissions treated as sepsis

Published: Emergency Medicine Journal. (2018). 35(6), 345-349.

Robert Goulden, Marie-Claire Hoyle, Jessie Monis, Darran Railton, Victoria Riley, Paul Martin, Reynaldo Martina, Emmanuel Nsutebu


Barriers to distributing discharge materials in the emergency department

Maneshi, A.


How well does the extended Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma (eFAST) exam detect pneumothoraces, pericardial effusions and intra-abdominal free fluid in injured patients

Published: BEEM Journal. (December 2019)

Robichaud, L., Maneshi, A.


The Impact of Clinical Teaching Unit Rotation on the performance of senior Emergency Medicine residents as Clinical Educators

Al Mazro'ei, S.


Seasonal variations in bicycle related trauma: A retrospective cohort comparison between winter and summer bicycle trauma visits

Davis, S.


Do triage pain scores improve prediction of ED outcomes? A retrospective cohort analysis

Davis, S


Who are we missing? Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients that are mistriaged in the ED

Davis, S.


Can prehospital early warning scores improve prediction of patient ED disposition?

Davis, S.


Observers in Health Simulation: Can we engage them?
Observateurs en simulation de santé: pouvons-nous les impliquer?

Alrumaih, F.


A comparison of product dependence among cigarette only, ENDS only, and dual users:
Findings from Wave 3 (2015–2016) of the PATH study

Published: Drug and Alcohol Dependence (2020): 108347

Kaplan, B., Alrumaih, F., Breland, A., Eissenberg, T., Cohen, J.E.


Training Needs of Emergency Physicians in Alcohol Withdrawal Management

Phaneuf F, Gosselin S.


Training Needs of Emergency Physicians in Opiate Withdrawal Management

Phaneuf F, Gosselin S.


Chief Complaints of ED P4-P5 Patients

Phaneuf F, Levasseur P, Gosselin S.


The outcomes of patients with COVID-19 related lung findings

Aljneibi, M.


Impact of Quarantine and Physical Distancing Measures on Trauma Admissions to an Urban Canadian Trauma Center During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Marcotte, A.


Comparison of Stroke Volume, Inferior Vena Cava Collapsibility Index, Body Weight and Clinical Judgement as Indicators of Volume Status in Endurance Athlete

Marcotte, A.


Prise en charge of sexual assault victims in the ED. ED performance

Drouin, A-S.


Designing educational modules of e-learning to increase the quality of MSK imaging interpretation by EM residents

Léo, H.

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