Trauma team at workMcGill's Trauma Fellowship for Emergency Physicians is a one-year fellowship program (with an optional second year) that allows you to develop expertise in managing major trauma patients, both blunt and penetrating. During the year, you will take charge of a multi-disciplinary team through all the phases of the patient’s hospital stay, with a focus on the initial resuscitation.



Dr. Turner teaching ultrasoundMcGill’s post-graduate fellowship in Emergency Medicine Ultrasound is a one-year training program to train future leaders in Emergency Ultrasound. Fellows will be trained in all aspects of Emergency Ultrasound, including advanced applications, research, and education. Graduates of this fellowship will be able to function competently in the role of Emergency Ultrasound Director in both an academic and community setting.


Health Informatics

Health InformaticsThe post-graduate fellowship in health informatics of the Emergency Medicine residency program is a one-year supervised training program open to qualified residents who have completed a postgraduate program. Fellows will develop an understanding of health informatics and be able to apply this knowledge to participate in health informatics (HI) innovations, quality improvement projects and research in the clinical environment.


Sport Medicine

Sport MedicineOne-year clinical fellowship program to enhance knowledge and skills in a set of injuries, patients and issues seen commonly in both an Emergency Medicine and Sport Medicine practice. Fellows will become experts in musculoskeletal, sport and exercise medicine, and will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform as a team physician, including sport profiling, pre-participation examination, implementation of prevention strategies, and event coverage.


Aviation Medicine

Sport MedicineThe McGill Aviation Medicine fellowship is a one-year training program divided into several courses, attended in Montreal and outside the province. The fellowship covers different aspects of Aviation Medicine including: In-flight environment, Repatriation and Medevacs, Postgraduate Certificate in Civil Aviation Medicine (PGCertCAvMed), Human factors in accident investigation, Hypo and Hyper-baric Medicine, Commercial aviation, Air passenger health issues and Travel Medicine.


Medical Education

The McGill University Medical Education Fellowship in Emergency Medicine (EM) is designed to prepare future EM faculty to become clinician educators and maximize the potential of their learners. This one-year fellowship provides supervised teaching experiences combined with a monthly core curriculum, a focused area of scholarship and clinical medicine. 


General Emergency Medicine

The postgraduate fellowship in General Emergency Medicine Physicians is a one year supervised training program open to qualified post-graduate trainees who have completed at least 3 years of post-graduate autonomous work experience in emergency medicine who wish to pursue an extra year of focused GEM training.

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