We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Monica Cermignani as Director of Wellness for the academic Department of Emergency Medicine. 

As an inaugural member of the MUHC ED Physician Wellness Committee, Dr. Cermignani took over as Chair in November 2020 after having served as committee Vice-Chair (2018-2020) and Chair of the Pandemic Subcommittee (2020).  In January 2021 her committee successfully launched its first annual Wellness curriculum, with monthly offerings that included a mix of academic, focus group and social activities.  

As Director of Wellness, Dr. Cermignani will lead a culture change that recognizes Wellness as the base that supports all of our pillars, which appreciates that physician Wellness is essential to our ability to provide excellent clinical care and education, to contribute to quality research, and to foster the creativity that drives innovation – everything to which the Academic Department’s mission statement strives.

The Director of Wellness will be responsible to promote best practices in EM Wellness with the goal of creating and maintaining an academic environment that supports individual and collective well-being, and adheres to the principles of inclusivity, transparency, collegiality and respect.  As a general mandate, Monica has the responsibility to optimize and personalize the delivery of Wellness programs and initiatives across all hospital sites.  The Director of Wellness is accountable to the McGill DEM Associate Chair of Education. 


JGH Emergency Medicine Physician Wellbeing Program

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