Family Medicine - Emergency Medicine (CCFP-EM)

38 years as of July 2023
312 residents trained
>98% exam success rate

Program Highlights

  • Monthly Oral, Written and Interactive Exam Preparation Sessions
  • Comprehensive Advanced Ultrasound Teaching & Ultrasound Elective
  • Joint FRCP & CCFP-EM Core Teaching Rounds
  • Extensive Simulation Curriculum
  • Full CPoCUS IP Certification
  • ED Administration & Management Rotation
  • 3 newly-built/renovated Emergency Departments


The McGill Family Medicine - Emergency Medicine program started its 37th year in July 2022. From its origins in the mid-1980s with 2 residents, the program has flourished and grown to be one of the largest in Canada. 301 residents from across Canada have now completed the third-year program in Emergency Medicine at McGill.

Our program is distinguished by its innovative rotations, rigorous academic program, family medicine- emergency medicine focused teaching, and opportunities to work with internationally recognized attending physicians. Our rounds are dedicated to the R3 cohort and each resident is matched to a mentor for the year. We have also integrated an administrative rotation affording residents the opportunity to learn about the practice of EM from experienced staff and develop skills to handle emergency department flow. These factors account for our consistent track record for high academic performance and preparation for managing a busy emergency department.

Since its inception, our special competence exam success rate has remained over 98%. Many of the graduates have continued in an academic stream and are actively involved in research and medical education, while others are practicing in rural and community hospitals combining emergency and family medicine practice. Our residents have gone on to become leaders in the hospitals, communities and emergency departments they have joined. 


Application Information


McGill University participates in the pan-Canadian Family Medicine - Emergency Medicine CCFP(EM) CaRMS match each Fall.  In order to apply to the College’s CCFP-EM examination-eligible third-year residency positions, prospective candidates must:

  1. Be currently enrolled in an accredited family medicine residency program in Canada, or,
  2. Have completed a CFPC accredited family medicine residency program, or,
  3. Have successfully challenged the CFPC Family Medicine Certification Exam via the practice eligibility route.

The program starts on July 1st each year.  For the 2022-23 year, there will be 10 positions available.  The application process for the McGill CFPC-EM program is via the Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS) Application.


Educational Objectives


The McGill University CCFP(EM) Program is presently training family physicians who can play a leadership role in rural, community or urban hospital Emergency Departments, and future teachers of Family Medicine residents in university-affiliated hospitals. This concurs with the official goals of the College of Family Physicians of Canada in Emergency Medicine which are:

  1. To improve the standards and availability of emergency care from practicing family physicians.
  2. To establish guidelines for the development and administration of training programs in emergency medicine.
  3. To ensure the availability of teachers for training programs in Emergency Medicine.

(Standards for Accreditation of Residency Training Programs; Update March 2000)

McGill University and the Department of Family Medicine have played a leadership role in recognizing the need for establishing a third-year program for Family Physicians with increased interest in Emergency Medicine. The McGill University Family Medicine Department, along with Laval University, pioneered the third-year program for the Family Medicine - Emergency Medicine Competency Certificate Program in Quebec in 1986 and since then, the other faculties in Quebec have developed their own third-year program.

The educational objectives of the McGill University Family Medicine - Emergency Medicine Program are:

  1. To expand the knowledge, clinical, and research skills of the Family Physician in Emergency Medicine required during his/her future practice.
  2. To educate the physician in developing expertise in managing a broad spectrum of problems presenting in the emergency.
  3. To develop diagnostic and technical skills that will allow the physician to be a teacher and leader in the rural, community or urban Emergency Department.
  4. To educate the physician in assessing current Emergency Medicine literature and essentials of research in Emergency Medicine in order to assume leadership in continuing education in the rural, community or urban Emergency Department.

The objectives are available at the College of Family Physicians of Canada website. Rotation-specific goals and objectives are found in the Program Manual (see below).


Contact Us


Mailing address

McGill University College of Family Physicians of Canada Emergency Medicine Program
Royal Victoria Hospital
1001 boul. Décarie, Room CS1.6213
Montreal, QC, H4A 3J1

Academic Coordinator/Program Contact

Ms. Anna De Palma
Tel.: 514-934-1934 x34277
Fax: 514-843-2875
Email: anna.depalma [at]

Program Director

Dr. Andrew Reid
Tel. (Work): 514-934-1934 ext 34277
Fax. (Work): 514-843-2875
Email: andrew.reid [at] 

Program Manual

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Program Manual

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