KPE student raising her hand for a question

Frequently asked Questions

We have presented a few of the more frequently asked questions below to help you.  Please take this time to review the information provided to assist you.

Who is KPE's academic advisor?

What is the online Minerva System?

How do I know which classes to take?

PHYS. ED: What do I register for in Freshman/Foundation Year?

KIN: What do I register for in Freshman/Foundation Year?

What do I do if I have an AP/IB degree or a French Bachelor?

Can I transfer programs after I’m admitted?

Do I need to use my McGill email?

What is an elective course?

What is a complementary course?

PHYS.ED: What is a field experience?

What is a GPA?

How can I participate in research within the department?

KIN: How does the honours program work?

PHYS ED: Can I get an honours degree?

What is MyCourses?

What is MyMcGill?

Pass/Fail classes: The truth about the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade option

What is a deferred exam and how can I qualify?

What is a supplemental exam?

What is SAPEK?

What does SAPEK offer me?

How can I get involved with SAPEK?

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