Grad Seminar KPE

Graduate Seminar Series

  • Our regular seminar time is on Tuesday, 10:05 am -11:25 pm in the Tassone Teaching Lab (Currie 304). Seminars will be held throughout the semester.
    N.B.: Seminars do not take place every week, and the schedule (including days and times) may vary occasionally throughout the semester. Please pay close attention to the schedule. Email reminders will be sent 1-3 days in advance of each seminar.
  • This course takes the form of a Kinesiology and Physical Education-focused seminar series which emphasizes presenter-audience interactions in a professional and supportive environment.
  • Seminars include formal research presentations, sessions/workshops centred around graduate school and professional advancement, conference presentation practice, or discussions of current themes under investigation in one of the DKPE faculty members’ laboratories.
  • Questions and comments should be directed to studentaffairs.kpe [at]

**Attendance is mandatory and will be taken for all DKPE graduate students intending to receive Grad Seminar credit (i.e. EDKP 621, 622, 623, 624)**

All DKPE graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend seminar when possible.

**N.B.: The exemption form (for those students who have already missed 2 seminars in one semester) is available below, and (a) for planned absences, must be submitted at least 2 working days prior to missing a seminar; (b) for unplanned absences, must be submitted within 1 week following the missed seminar.




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