KPE Graduate Student Association

The Kinesiology and Physical Education Graduate Student’s Association is comprised of a group of Masters and PhD students in the department with the intention of providing a voice for graduate students in KPE. Over the past few years, we have organized numerous events, from academic in nature (e.g., writing workshops) to social events (e.g., dodgeball) to a combination of the two (e.g., Beers and Science!), where students are given the opportunity to present or share their research ideas with peers. We are dedicated towards making the McGill KPE department a fun and inclusive environment for students to develop and make connections and we look forward to meeting future KPE graduate students!

Please email the kpeg.kpe [at] (KPE Graduate Student Association) to inquire about how to get involved.

For information on other graduate student associations affiliated with KPEG please visit the Education Graduate Student Society (EGSS) and Post Graduate Students' Society (PGSS) websites

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