KPE Recipients of McGill Sports Science Fellowships


Published: 21Apr2021

Congratulations to our awardees of this year’s McGill Sports Science Fellowships!

These three students are being awarded fellowships to support their research projects outlined below:

PhD Fellow

A person wearing a red shirtDescription automatically generated with medium confidencePatrick Delisle-Houde
Supervisor: Dr. Charlotte Usselman

Project Title: Recovery Strategies in Triathletes Following Cycling Exercise

Project Brief: Intense endurance sports such as triathlon impose a particularly large stress on the cardiovascular system and autonomic nervous system. Popular recovery strategies are primarily focused on reducing muscle soreness, rather than restoring optimal balance within the autonomic nervous system. Therefore, comparing effectiveness of established and emerging recovery strategies will guide trained triathletes to optimize performance and adaptation.

Master’s Fellows

A person in a red sweaterDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceAda Sevinc
Supervisor: Dr. Jenna Gibbs

Project Title: Evaluating the associations between energy availability, bone strength, and performance in endurance-trained individuals

Project Brief: Endurance athletes are at higher risk of bone loss and injury due to high-volume training and inadequate nutritional intake. This Master’s project aims to evaluate the associations between energy availability, bone strength, and performance in young, endurance-trained individuals. The proposed research will create new knowledge on nutrition- and training-related factors that determine bone health and optimal performance in endurance sport.

A picture containing person, wall, posingDescription automatically generated

Davine Yang
Supervisor: Dr. Julie Côté

Project Title: Sex differences in knee joint stability after repeated sprint exercise in elite athletes

Project Brief: My project will observe sex-specific changes in knee landing kinematics after repeated sprint exercise in elite athletes. We hope to provide research that contributes to the development of more tailored training protocols to optimize performance and reduce knee injury risk.

Each student will be conducting in-depth sports science projects within their research fields. Sports science is a research initiative within the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, which aims to improve sport performance by answering research questions that arise in the sporting community.

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