Bradley Crocker (KPE) Publishes Op-Ed on Healthy Debate: "It’s up to health professionals to debunk misinformation"


Published: 26Jul2020

If a COVID-19 vaccine is developed and nobody shows up to use it, did the vaccine ever truly exist?

Vaccines are among the most impactful medical technologies developed in human history. The process of injecting a weakened strain of pathogen to confer immunity has saved millions from deadly illness. Those unable or unwilling to receive vaccines have also benefited immensely from their widespread use via “herd immunity” as they are exposed to fewer contagious individuals in their environment. In recent times however, we’ve seen a resurgence in vaccine-preventable diseases in parts of the world where they had been all but erased, attributed to low vaccine coverage.

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Bradley Crocker is a PhD student with Dr. Lindsay Duncan's Theories and Interventions in Exercise and Health Psychology Lab (TIE).



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