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TIE Lab Highlight

We would like to congratulate our lab director, Dr. Shane Sweet, on the successful renewal of his Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Participation, Well-Being, and Physical Disability!

Dr. Sweet was one of only 10 McGill faculty members to receive a renewal of their Canada Research Chair. The continued recognition and support from the Canada Research Chair Program is a testament to the highly developed and sought-after research program Dr. Sweet has established in contributing to the enhancement of physical activity participation, well-being, and overall quality of Canadians living with physical disabilities. Please see the link below for the news highlight published by the Faculty of Education.

Congratulations, Shane!

Dr. Shane Sweet Is One of McGill's 10 Renewed Canada Research Chairs (2023)


Who we are:

We are a dynamic group of students, academics, and research assistants who take interest in experimental and applied research within the discipline of exercise and health psychology and adapted physical activity. The collective differences but common interest from our lab members contribute to a stimulating, engaging, and diverse lab culture.

We seek to understand, support, and improve the health and well-being of adults living with physical disability by actively engaging with community-based partners, applying theories, and using a variety of research designs. Our team focuses on ways to improve and sustain physical activity engagement, participation in daily and social activities, and well-being.

What we research:

Two specific areas of research are conducted within TIE Lab.

Adapted physical activity. To build an understanding of the process to help people with a physical disability engage in physical activity while identifying and testing solutions to overcome physical activity barriers. 

Spinal cord injury peer mentorship. Strives to optimize spinal cord injury peer support programs and services across Canada by working in partnership with academics and community-based organizations (see www.mcgill.ca/scipm for more information).

What we value:

In prioritizing what is important to us as a team, TIE Lab established values for all members to exemplify both in and outside of our lab setting. Our values include,

Balance: To have awareness and skills to have a healthy integration of the facets of our lives.

Collaboration: To build and maintain relationships within and outside the lab through respect, compassion, and trust.

Compassion: To be aware of and to actively promote the well-being of yourself and others.

Curiosity: To actively approach and engage situations and people with interest and a critical perspective.

Growth: To be motivated to progress to be the individuals and team we strive to be.

Respect: To acknowledge the inherent worth, needs, perspectives, and differences of oneself and others.

Trust: To build and maintain the belief we can count on one another.




It is with heavy heart to announce that our dear friend and lab member Jacques Comeau passed away on November 16, 2023.

He will be dearly missed, but his impact on us will continue to live on.






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