Testing in progress at the HBCL Lab

Human Brain Control of Locomotion Lab (HBCL) 


The Human Brain Control of Locomotion Lab (HBCL) offers a unique training environment combining Neuroscience, Motor Control and Neuroimaging. Students and fellows have access to the HBCL located within the McGill Sports complex, the world-class Neuroimaging facilities of the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre (BIC) of the Montreal Neurological Institute, the Stroke Research Facilities at the Jewish General Hospital as well as facilities of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal (CRIR). Graduate studies in Motor Control/Neuroscience will help you develop skills to prepare you for a wide range of career options in teaching, research, project management, consulting, public service or allied health.

McGill University is situated in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which is a major cosmopolitan city. McGill is rated among the top universities in the world, and Kinesiology and Physical Education is a multidisciplinary department with internationally-recognized faculty. McGill's graduate program in Motor Control/Neuroscience (M.Sc., Ph.D.) can offer you a number of distinct advantages, including development and strengthening of knowledge and skills in your interest areas through strong faculty mentoring. Finally, advising focused on the selection of courses, research topics, and practicum experiences will help advance your career goals.


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