Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals - Aim 2


Determination of the potential adverse health effects of replacements

There are few to no data with respect to the possible health impact of exposure to “alternatives”. Our goal is to develop approaches to ensure that it is feasible to provide data that will open this “black box”. The EDC activity/toxicity of exposure to the concentrations of the emerging chemicals found in foods and drinking water and detected in our human bio-monitoring studies will be assessed using high throughput cell approaches, and in vitro/ex vivo model systems that range from cell lines representing key endocrine functions (Leydig, granulosa, thyroid, liver, adrenal and adipocyte) to limb bud cultures (developmental toxicity) and fetal testis or follicle cultures (reproductive toxicity).

We will use educational pamphlets, publications, scientific cafés and our website to provide basic information on the chemicals, their origins, potential harmful effects, and possible ways to decrease exposure to the public.

Graphical Abstract Biol Reprod vol 106 issue 3 pages 613-627


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