Meetings of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee composed of the project leaders (Jaye Ellis, Cindy Goodyer, and Bernard Robaire) and chaired by the PI, Barbara Hales, meet every two months to take routine decisions regarding budget allocations, assignment of responsibilities, and project development. It monitors overall progress of the project and makes sure that milestones are met. The committee troubleshoots issues that arise regarding project directions. It overviews the interdisciplinary training aspects and facilitate mechanisms for joint supervision of trainees. Notes are taken by the administrative assistant at each meeting and circulated to all members of the team.

Semi-annual scientific sessions

Our team meets twice a year to allow each aim, via its trainees, to report on progress made toward the grant’s objectives, and we provide support to have each trainee attend at least one meeting per year to present their results to national/international colleagues. The Scientific Advisory Board members attend one of these semi-annual scientific sessions annually to assess the progress made by the team.

Scientific Cafés

We will be hosting scientific cafés to promote public engagement through informal dialogue with researchers around our topic of study, build understanding and affect health and science literacy.

Meeting agendas, minutes and presentations (members only)

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