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Fall 2021 Course Syllabi

EAST Literature and Cultures

EAST 211 - Intro:East Asian Culture:China

PDF icon east_211_f21.pdf

EAST 213 - Intro:East Asian Culture:Korea

PDF icon east_213_f21.pdf

EAST 303 - Current Topics:Chin Studies 1 TOPIC: Borderlands of Modern China

PDF icon east_303_f21.pdf

EAST 304 - Current Topics:Chin Studies 2 TOPIC: Chinese Religions

PDF icon east_304_f21.pdf

EAST 305 - Curr Topics:Japanese St 1 TOPIC: 1968: Passages to Revolution

PDF icon east_305_f21.pdf

EAST 351 - Women Writers of China

PDF icon east_351_f21.pdf

EAST 361 - Animation and New Media  

PDF icon east_361_f21.pdf

EAST 362 - Japanese Cinema  

PDF icon east_362_f21.pdf

EAST 368 - Asian Genre Cinemas  

PDF icon east_368_f21.pdf

EAST 369 - Gen & Sex in Asian Media

PDF icon east_369_f21.pdf

EAST 388 - Asian Migrations and Diasporas

PDF icon east_388_f21.pdf

EAST 454 - Topics: Chinese Cinema TOPIC: Forms of Family

PDF icon east_454_f21.pdf

EAST 491 - Tutorial:East Asian Lang&Lit 1 TOPIC: Modern and Contemporary Fiction by Korean Women Writers

PDF icon east_491_002_f21.pdf

EAST 493 - Spec Topics:East Asian St 1 TOPIC: The Culture(s) of the Great Ming

PDF icon east_493_f21.pdf

EAST 559 - Adv Topics: Chinese Literature TOPIC: Multimedia Missions: Translating Asia in Word and Image

PDF icon east_559_f21.pdf

EAST 560 - Screen Cultures and Media Arts

PDF icon east_560_coms_646_f21.pdf

EAST Languages


EAST 220D1 - First Level Korean

PDF icon east_220d_f21.pdf

EAST 230D1 - First Level Chinese

PDF icon east_230d_001_002_f21.pdf

PDF icon east_230_003_f21.pdf

EAST 240D1 - First Level Japanese

PDF icon east_240d_001_002_f21.pdf

PDF icon east_240d_003_f21.pdf

EAST 241 - Japanese Writing Beginners 1

PDF icon east_241_f21.pdf

EAST 320D1 - Second Level Korean

PDF icon east_320d_f21.pdf

EAST 330D1 - Second Level Chinese

PDF icon east_330d_f21.pdf

EAST 340D1 - Second Level Japanese

PDF icon east_340_f21.pdf

EAST 341 - Japanese Writing Intermed. 1

PDF icon east_341_f21.pdf

EAST 430D1 - Third Level Chinese

PDF icon east_430_f21.pdf

EAST 440D1 - Third Level Japanese

PDF icon east_440d_f21.pdf

EAST 491 - Tutorial:East Asian Lang&Lit 1 Heritage Chinese

PDF icon east_491_001_f21.pdf

EAST 492 - Tutorial:East Asian Lang&Lit 2

PDF icon east_492_f21.pdf

EAST 530D1 - Fourth Level Chinese

PDF icon east_530d_f21.pdf

EAST 535 - Chinese for Business 1

PDF icon east_535_f21.pdf

EAST 540D1 - Fourth Level Japanese

PDF icon east_540_f21.pdf


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