Our office

Mailing address

Department of East Asian Studies
McGill University
680 Sherbrooke St. West, Room 425
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2M7

Office hours

The 680SH Administrative Service Centre is open daily from 9:00-12:00PM and from 2:30-4:00PM.

Administrative staff


Nina Brennan

680SH Area Manager HR & Ops

Email: nina.brennan [at]


Wenrui Duan (currently on leave)

680SH Administrative Supervisor

Email: wenrui.duan [at]


Angela Fotopoulos

680SH ASC - Area Manager (Student Affairs)
Phone: 514-398-5284
Email: angela.fotopoulos [at]


Sarah Curci

680SH ASC - Administrative and Students Affairs Coordinator (Graduate Studies)
Phone: (514) 399-9426
Email: sarah.curci [at]


Sabrina Coronado-Hernandez

680SH ASC - Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Undergraduate Studies)
Phone: (514) 398-6742
Email: sabrina.coronadohernandez [at]


Victor Iacob-Mayer

680SH ASC - Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (514) 398-3650. (514) 399-9441 
Email: ovidiu.iacobmayer [at]

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