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CBC News: How Teachers are Trying New Ways to Keep Students Learning

Published: 30Oct2020

Teachers in Quebec are facing students wracked by stress and anxiety related to the pandemic, but they are also finding new ways of ensuring that learning still happens amid the upheaval....

Media Spotlight – Sabrina Jafralie, DISE, on CBC News

Published: 29Oct2020

Sabrina Jafralie, a Course Lecturer from the Department of Integrated Studies in Education, along with teachers and community leaders, interviewed on CBC News....

Media Spotlight – Victoria Talwar, ECP, in the Globe and Mail

Published: 29Oct2020

Dr. Victoria Talwar, from the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, was featured in a Globe and Mail article discussing how much entertainment screen time children should have to...

Media Spotlight – Gordon Bloom on The Coach's Road Podcast

Published: 28Oct2020

Dr. Gordon Bloom, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, talks team-building, team cohesion, and sports psychology on The Coach's Road, a podcast out of Finland....

Constantina Stamoulos: Oral Defence


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Media Spotlight – Angelica Galante, DISE, Interviewed in The Source

Published: 21Oct2020

Dr. Angelica Galante, from the Department of Integrated Studies in Education, along with other Canadian scholars have been interviewed by the British Columbia-based newspaper The Source about the...

Media Spotlight – Adam Dubé, Victoria Talwar, and Jeffrey Derevensky, ECP, in the Montreal Gazette

Published: 21Oct2020

The Montreal Gazette shines a spotlight on Dr. Adam Dubé, Dr. Victoria Talwar, and Dr. Jeffrey Derevensky, from ECP, and their upcoming Effective Parenting event.  Each will give a talk and Q&A...

McGill Parenting Series Moves Online!

Published: 15Oct2020

For many parents, figuring out how to get children to disconnect from screens can be a frustrating, daily challenge.  But is it all bad? How concerned should parents be about excessive screen time...


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