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Dr. Beverly Baker and Dr. Aziz Choudry of DISE recently awarded SSHRC Connection Grants


Published: 4Apr2013

Dr. Baker and Dr. Choudry were recently awarded SSHRC Connection Grants to fund knowledge mobilization activities, aiming to facilitate the multidirectional flow of knowledge between universities and the community.

Dr. Baker’s workshop, entitled "Language assessment development with Haitian teachers," will take place in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. It will bring together approximately 150 English as a Foreign Language teachers from within Haiti in order for them to engage with recent research in language assessment, and make use of this research in the creation of quality examination questions that will directly impact educational outcomes.

Dr. Choudry’s workshop, entitled "Unfree Labour? Struggles of migrant and immigrant workers in Canada," will take place in Montreal in May 2013. It will bring together scholars and key migrant and immigrant labour organizers and researchers and provide the means for collaboration between these actors. It is intended to advance scholarly knowledge and broader public understandings of the conditions and struggles of racialized migrant and immigrant workers in Canada.

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