Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Faculty of Dentistry

Whether a patient, student, or staff member, every individual that passes through the Faculty of Dentistry's doors deserves to feel safe, welcome, valued, and heard. At the Faculty of Dentistry, we are committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion to better serve every individual that makes up our valued community.

We are working to build a community in which human rights are respected, and equity and inclusion are embedded in all areas of academic, work and student life.

As McGill University continues working in consultation with the University community to develop a plan to advance its work in connection with the Action Plan to Address Anti-Black Racism—in addition to the development of a 5 year strategic plan related to equity, diversity, and inclusion more broadly—the Faculty of Dentistry also recognizes its important role in inspiring positive change from within our own academic community and workplace culture.

In the Faculty of Dentistry, we are trying to build a healthier future for all. As such, our commitment to this mission is further strengthened by our efforts to champion anti-racism and EDI.

Share Ideas

Your opinion matters. We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or feedback on how the Faculty of Dentistry can become more equitable, diverse and inclusive. Please contact Assistant Professor Firoozeh Samim, EDI Committee Chair at edi.dentistry [at] mcgill.ca

Get Involved

We believe all of us can play a role in building a more welcoming and respectful campus community. From funding opportunities to getting involved in programs designed to engage students, staff, or faculty, there are many opportunities to support inclusion

  • Gender Diversity
  • Equity Ambassadors
  • Equity Student advisory council
  • Equity and inclusion scholar program
  • Equity committees


Find upcoming events related to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Faculty of Dentistry! 

Antoine-Samuel Mauffette AlavoBlack Graduate Student Affairs Liaison

The Black Student Affairs Liaison position was created pursuant to the University’s Action Plan to Address Anti-Black Racism.

In this role, Antoine-Samuel Mauffette Alavo will be responsible for connecting with and supporting Black graduate students across McGill to ensure that their needs and interests are communicated effectively to the University and addressed in a timely and effective manner.

As part of his role, Antoine-Samuel can refer individuals to resources aimed at supporting Black students and ensuring their success and wellness. Graduate students can book one-on-one appointments with him via email (antoine-samuel.mauffettealavo [at] mcgill.ca).

To learn more about the position, to learn more about the Black Graduate Student Network Spaces, and receive targeted communications, we invite members of the Black graduate community to fill out this short webform.

Student EDI Initiatives

Dental Student Society: Equity Committee
As chair of the DSS Equity Committee, D1 student Zainab Abdulhusein is the representative from the undergraduate student body in the Faculty’s EDI committee.

Zainab will be recruiting members of the DSS Equity Committee and will work towards establishing this committee as a permanent addition to the DSS Governing bodies.

Graduate Students Activities and Initiatives

As graduate students in the Faculty of Dentistry, we do not strive for academic excellence only. We also yearn for becoming our better selves and for helping our peers to achieve the same

To pursue our shared goal, we will collaborate with EDI committee to run surveys to assess the needs of our student body, to organize workshops to self-reflect and educate ourselves, and to conduct research to better understand and overcome systemic barriers to EDI. We are longing to do what is needed to be done, to embrace our differences, and to make everyone realize that we have always been parts of the same being.

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