Affiliate Clinic: Montreal Children's Hospital


Our main clinic is located at the Montreal Children's Hospital's Gilman Pavilion, 1040 Atwater Street. We also provide care at the Montreal Children's Hospital, located on the Glen site of the MUHC at 1001 Decarie Boulevard.

Patient information

Our clinic treats patients from 0 to 18 years of age. We accept new patients for routine treatment and care, with or without a referral. New patients are often referred to us by private dentists throughout the community due to their young age, difficult behaviour, special needs, medical conditions, or extensive treatment requirements.


  • For patients 9 years and under, most treatments are covered by RAMQ.
  • For patients 10 years old and over, the treatment cost is based on the ACDQ fee guide.
  • Some specialty clinics offer a discount of 10% or more.

Treatment providers

The patients are treated by residents, who are general dentists completing a one year residency program, or staff dentists who have all completed a residency program.

Residents are supervised by specialists and general dentists.

Clinic specialists:

  • Pediatric dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Prosthodontists
  • Endodontists
  • Periodontists
  • Oral Surgeons

Available treatments 

  • Dental fillings, extractions, crowns
  • Root canal treatments
  • Emergency triage and treatment
  • Debridements and periodontal surgeries
  • Crowns, removable and fixed prosthesis
  • Oral surgery
  • Treatment of traumatic injuries
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Oral sedation
  • Nitrous oxide sedation
  • General anesthesia
  • Frenectomies on newborns
  • Behavior management and treatment of patients with medical conditions or special needs

Specialty clinics

Payment information

The patient's valid Medicare (RAMQ) card must be presented at every appointment.

Payment is due at each appointment by cash, debit card or Visa/MasterCard.

To become a patient 

Call 514-412-4479 or email hmedentaire [at]

Contact information

Phone number: 514-412-4479
Email: hmedentaire [at]
Fax:  514-412-4369

Address: 1040 Atwater Avenue, Suite W-3, Montreal QC  H3Z 1X3

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