Move 4 Outreach


Dental health is a keystone to overall health, and people who cannot receive it are at risk of developing other health and psychosocial problems.

For over 20 years, McGill Dentistry’s Service to the Community Program (Dentistry Outreach) has provided free and reduced-cost dental care to diverse members of the Montreal community that have limited or no access to care. This program relies heavily on philanthropic donations and fundraisers, which have been drastically reduced due to COVID-19.

Since the first week of February, “Move 4 Outreach” has offered free fitness and wellness classes for the great cause of Dentistry Outreach. We offer bootcamp, HIIT, barre, yoga, and other activities that promote movement and wellness. For updates regarding each week's classes, follow mcgilldentgivesback on Instagram.

Our classes are offered every Tuesday at 7:00PM on Zoom via the link below. Everyone is welcome!


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