Inaugural McGill Active Learning Conference


On behalf of McGill Teaching and Learning Services ...

Please join us at the opening of the Faculty of Engineering’s Inaugural Active Learning Conference on Monday, May 12, 2014 from 10 am to 12 pm at McGill University.

Our keynote speaker, Professor Michael Prince, will be speaking about Active Learning for Busy Skeptics.

About the presentation: Active learning is a buzz word in higher education and it's easy to think of it as just another in a long line of educational fads.  Even instructors who believe active learning is a good thing may see it as something that simply takes too much time and effort to implement in engineering courses.   This session is designed to introduce quick and simple active learning techniques that are effective, require little preparation or class time, and which generate little or no student resistance.   The audience is encouraged to share their ideas on the barriers hindering faster diffusion of these active learning techniques into engineering classrooms. 

About the speaker: Dr. Prince is a Professor of Chemical Engineering and the Rooke Professor of Engineering at Bucknell University.  He serves as co-Director of the National Effective Teaching Institute and “How to Engineer Engineering Education”, both well-established offerings that attract a national audience of engineering faculty each year.  His current research examines how to increase the use of research-based instructional strategies by engineering faculty as well as focusing specifically on repairing persistent student misconceptions in the thermal sciences. 

His educational accomplishments have led to an invitation in 2012 to be the ConocoPhillips Lecturer in Chemical Engineering Education at Oklahoma State University as well as being named to the Robert L. Rooke Professorship in Engineering at Bucknell.  He was honoured by the Institution of Chemical Engineers with the Hutchison Medal in 2009, Bucknell University’s Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2008, and in 2004 received the American Society of Engineering Education’s Mid-Atlantic Section Outstanding Teaching Award.

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