Black History Month - Beyond Barriers: Dan-A-Nou's Mission for Inclusive and Accessible Dental Care

Wednesday, February 28, 2024 17:15to19:15
Suite 100, room 102, 2001 McGill College Avenue, Montreal, QC, H3A1G1, CA
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​As we close off Black History Month, the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences is partnering with Dan-A-Nou to discuss historical racial marginalization within the field of dental medicine and spotlight their efforts in advocating for access to dental care. Dan-A-Nou fights against tooth decay in children and youth aged 6 to 18 from low-income families living in economically precarious countries by giving them access to evidence-based and eco-friendly oral health services and care.

The event's keynote speaker is Linda Lubin-Jerome, founder of Dan-A-Nou and a dentist who worked in Haiti for over 20 years in private practice. Through an exploration of both past injustices and current disparities in oral healthcare access, we'll delve into the intersection of income and racial barriers disproportionately affecting black and African diaspora communities. Focusing on Dan-A-Nou's efforts in Haiti and other low-income regions, we will examine the critical need for equitable dental care and highlight innovative approaches to bridging these gaps. Through interactive elements and personal stories, we'll showcase the impact of Dan-A-Nou's work and inspire meaningful action toward achieving dental equity for all.

The event will include Haitian cuisine from Chef Sean Samuels. Register now to be part of the conversation and drive positive change in access to dental care!

To register: https://lu.ma/18logz1v

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