Results from the 2022 Annual Research Day

DMD projects - Critically Appraised Topic Summaries (Sponsored by Sunstar)

1st place: Therapeutic Use of Opioids over NSAIDs can be Effective in Relieving Acute Pain Associated with Temporomandibular Joint Disorders.

2nd place: Serial extractions and late premolar extractions yield similar crowding outcomes post-orthodontic treatment

3rd place: Can low-level laser therapy reduce the pain associated with temporomandibular joint disorder?


Residents (the Dr. Stephane R. Schwartz Award for Excellence in GPR Research, sponsored by Dr. Nikhil Sharma)

Dr. Madonna Rofaeel


Short oral presentations (Sponsored by the RSBO)

1st place: Ekisha Rajendran

2nd place: Amanda Sirois

3rd place: Mattias Neset


Long oral presentations (Sponsored by the RSBO)

1st place: Mahmoud Moussa

2nd place: Doris Duran

3rd place: Sam Zhou


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