MSc Students Mehrnoosh Alborzi and Nioushah Noushi awarded McGill Community Service Research Fellowship

 Pictured: Mehrnoosh Alborzi, left, and Nioushah Noushi, right


Congratulations to Mehrnoosh Alborzi and Nioushah Noushi for being awarded the McGill Community Service Research Fellowship presented by the Fondation Marcelle & Jean Coutu research program committee.


This fellowship is presented to students whose projects are in line with the two objectives of the Fondation Marcelle & Jean Coutu:

  • Provide improved dental care for underserved groups
  • Better educate dental students providing care in our community service programs.

The fellowship allows a $10,000 stipend to be used during the 2015 - 2016 academic year. Mehrnoosh Alborzi is a Master’s student supervised by Dr. Christophe Bedos. In her research project she hope to better understand the lived experience of people living with HIV with respect to accessing dental services in Quebec. She is particularly interested in better understanding the difficulties and discrimination they encounter. Her research will adopt a qualitative approach and she will conduct approximately 10 interview with people living with HIV in the greater Montreal area. Nioushah Noushi is a Master’s student also supervised by Dr. Christophe Bedos. The main objective of her project is to define patient-centred care (PCC) in de dentistry from the perspectives of underserved patients. PCC is currently a prevalent topic in dentistry, however the models and frameworks that have recently been proposed have been by researchers and clinicians, often omitting the perspectives of patients who should be at the core of PCC. Moreover, aside from the relative lack of evidence on patient perspectives, there is no knowledge of the perspectives of underserved communities that face major difficulties in accessing dental services and experience severe unmet dental needs. Her research could then be used to both improve the dental care of underserved communities, as well as increase empathy and knowledge among dental students who will later treat these patients.

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