Professor Feine grant success

Professor Feine and her colleague Manabu Kanazawa were awarded a $38 000 operating grant for their study "A randomized crossover trial of mandibular single-implant overdentures and conventional complete dentures: cost-effectiveness and patient-reported outcomes" from the International Team for Implantology (ITI). The overall program aim is to determine what the most accessible low-cost implant approaches are for edentate people, considering patient satisfaction and improvements in quality of life. In this study, to be carried out in Tokyo, all participants will wear and rate new conventional complete dentures, as well as mandibular dentures retained by a single implant. The study hopes to determine the cost-effectiveness of single implant over-dentures. In other words, based on the cost of single implant over-dentures, will the level of effectiveness (patient satisfaction) achieved justify providing these to patients?

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