Dr. Feine just became the first ITI Senior Fellow in Canada

The senior fellowship is the highest honour a person can receive for their contributions to education and implant research.

Dr. Jocelyn Feine is internationally recognize as a pioneer in implant dentistry. She is most known for her work on the "McGill Consensus Statement" in 2002 which established an evidence-based standard of care of two implants for mandibular complete dental prostheses throughout the dental faculties of the world.

Dr. Feine is a Professor at the McGill University Faculty of Dentistry. She has authored over 170 peer-reviewed articles, two books, and a dozen invited papers and book chapters. She has been invited to present internationally over 160 times throughout the world. Dr. Feine is currently the Chief-Editor for the JDR Clinical and Translational Research. She previously served on the Journal of Dental Research Editorial Board and has been the Associate Editor for the JDR. Jocelyne Feine has been an active Fellow and essential member of the Canadian Section of the ITI for many years. She is not only a previous member of the ITI Research Committee and Task Force but is a very well-known and respected researcher and speaker in the field of implantology.

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