News 2014

December 2014

Congratulations to recent CSR Travel Stipend winners!

  • Cecile Adam, PhD Student with Dr. Daniel Cyr
  • Yassemine Khawajkie, MSc Student with Dr. Rima Slim
  • Phuong Nguyen, PhD Student with Dr. Rima Slim

Employment Opportunities with Dr. Bernard Robaire posted December 12, 2014.

Kudos to the five CSR trainees who won RQR-CREATE Scholarships in the 2014 Fall Competition! 

  • Han (Aileen) Yan, MSc Student with Dr. Barbara Hales
  • Kai Sheng, MSc Student with Dr. Simon Wing
  • Keith Siklenka, PhD Student with Dr. Sarah Kimmins
  • Luke Currin, MSc Student with Dr. Vilceu Bordignon
  • Marc-Olivier Turgeon, MSc Student with Dr. Dan Bernard

November 2014

CSR Travel Awards are now available for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows currently training in CSR member laboratories.

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