CRRD members are strongly encouraged to attend CRRD meetings/events (e.g., Research Day; annual business meeting) and are expected to:

  • participate in review of scholarship and research grant applications,
  • contribute to preparation of Annual Reports,
  • participate in review of scholarship research grant applications, and
  • serve on CRRD subcommittees, i.e. scholarship awards, communications, publications and outreach, etc.

Note: The complete CRRD Bylaws can be found here.

Who we are

CRRD faculty members and staff are drawn from 11 Departments, 3 Faculties, and 8 Divisions at McGill University and the Research Institute of its affiliated hospitals. CRRD trainees are enrolled in at least 8 different graduate programs. All members have shared research interests in reproduction, and embryonic and fetal development. The Centre is managed by an elected Executive Committee of CRRD member faculty and trainees.

Please, contact crrd [at] with all inquiries pertaining to membership.

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