October 2018

Hot Topics 2018-2019 Ready to Roll

This season's monthly Hot Topics presentations commences on October 22, from 4-6, MUHC room D-S1.1427, featuring work from the labs of Dr. Makoto Nagano and Dr. Aimee Ryan. 

From Dr. Hugh Clarke, the Hot Topics organizer: "Dr. Joelle Desmarais will report updates of her attempt to build a fate map of spermatogonial stem cells. It has been a time-consuming, energy-draining endeavor, but she has been establishing robust and reliable mouse SSC identification markers. The SSC enrichment level she has achieved is the one that our research field has not seen. We expect to expand this project to many directions, including human SSCs.

Dr. Amanda Baumholtz and Enrique Gamero will present our project to develop a novel scheme to transiently breakdown the blood-testis barrier using anti-claudin peptides, thereby improving SSC homing efficiency. We came to a new and simple, but more effective manner of our peptide application. We are also developing a new generation of peptides that can target specific claudin species."

Check the full schedule and additional information as all are welcome!


September 2018

CRRD Acquires New Members

The CRRD would like to welcome two new members to the organization: 

Dr. William Pastor and Dr. William Buckett


May 2018       

Upcoming meetings:

The CRRD General Meeting will be held Tuesday, June 26th from 3-4 pm, including an update on the past years' events, discussion and voting on proposed changes to the bylaws. Agenda to follow. The final Hot Topics for the season will be held directly after the meeting at 4pm in room D-S1.1427, Kimmins Lab presenting.

Winners of CRRD Research Day 2018 Poster and Presentation Competition:

  • Oral Presentation, PhD Student: Lia Gomes Paim (FitzHarris Lab)
  • Oral Presentation, Postdoctoral: Sofia Granados Aparici (Clarke Lab)
  • Poster, PhD, First place: Gauthier Schang (Bernard Lab)
  • Poster, PhD, Second place: Anne-Sophie Pépin (Kimmins Lab)
  • Poster, BSc/MSc, First place: Katie Teng (Yamanaka lab)
  • Poster, BSc/MSc, Second place: Deepak Saini (Yamanaka Lab)
  • Poster, BSc/MSc, Third place (tie): Sibat Anam (Clarke Lab) and Virginie Bertrand-Lehouillier (McGraw Lab)
  • Poster, Postdoctoral/Research Associate: Luisina Ongaro Gambino (Bernard Lab)

Congratulations to the winners, and congratulations as well to all the presenters- final scoring was very close!

February 2018

Executive Secretary Leaves the CRRD

Charlotte, Executive Secretary of the Centre since October 2014, took a full-time administrative position in the Faculty of Education. She wishes you all the best and hopes you find a replacement soon!!

January 2018

Aimee Katen awarded RI-MUHC fellowship

Congratualations to Aimee Katen, Postdoctoral Fellow with Drs. Bernard Robaire and Barbara Hales, who was awarded an RI-MUHC Fellowship! 

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