Research faces

Dr. Keith Murai, Associate Professor    To me, the brain is the most fascinating structure known to mankind. I joined the CRN and Faculty of Medicine at McGill University in 2003 to build a research team aimed at unlocking some of the mysteries of the brain. In my laboratory, we investigate cellular and molecular pathways that promote synapse development and plasticity. Of particular interest is the role of astrocytes, a type of brain glial cell, in this process. The CRN provides an exceptional environment to train and do research in the field of neuroscience.

Dr. Antje Kroner, Postdoctoral Fellow    Having completed my MD and PhD degrees in Germany, I joined Dr. Sam David’s lab at the CRN to learn more about neuroinflammation after spinal cord and peripheral nerve injury, focusing mainly on macrophage polarization. It is extremely interesting and stimulating to work at the CRN. Apart from the being able to work with neuroscientists who are leaders in their field, I particularly enjoy the opportunities to interact with groups working in completely different fields of neuroscience.

Sejal Davla, PhD Student    After working in several research laboratories in India, I was keen to pursue a career in the field of neuroscience. I chose to move to Montreal and study in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience, a highly reputable neuroscience program in North America. I am studying neuron-glial interactions in Dr. Don van Meyel’s lab. At the CRN, I am impressed with the cutting-edge scientific training. Also, the truly motivating and friendly environment makes work more enjoyable. 

Horia Pribiag, PhD Student    I grew up in Toronto and attended the University of Toronto, where I obtained a B.Sc. in physiology. There I had the opportunity to do research and take courses in various subfields of physiology, and by my final year I was hooked on neuroscience! Moving on to McGill for graduate studies, I am now a PhD student in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience, studying mechanisms of synaptic inhibition in Dr. David Stellwagen’s lab. The collaborative and friendly atmosphere at the CRN, as well as the breadth of research in core neuroscience areas, has made it an ideal environment for my studies.

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