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A Day in the Life of A Web Developer: A Discussion with Industry Pros

Lundi, 15 février, 2021 18:00à19:00
McGill, CA

Web development is one of the most in-demand technology jobs today and the pandemic has only increased demand as the world goes increasingly digital.  

But what is it actually like to be web developer? What skills are needed to succeed and what opportunities does the future hold? 

To help aspiring developers get answers to their toughest questions, we’re hosting “A Day in the Life of A Web Developer.” Hear from experienced developers from across sectors as they share stories, insights, tips and more about the profession – how they became developers, what they’ve learned along the way, where the opportunities are and what you need to know to succeed. 

Have questions on web dev? Bring them along and ask our panelists! 

Our Panelists

  • Ziad Saab, Senior Full Stack Developer, freelance
  • Stephanie Saretsky, Full Stack Developer, Transit
  • Nadim Islam: Senior Software Engineer, Aptible
  • Aly Marguerite Neumann, Chief Technology Officer, Indie Tech
  • Ksenia Nadkina, Web Developer, Nectar Technologies

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