Charles de Brabant (BCom'83), Executive Director of the Bensadoun Retail Initiative, says that popular perceptions of a declining retail industry are misleading; the reality is actually far more complex.

If the industry is undergoing major transformation, it is also experiencing tremendous growth. One of the challenges, according to de Brabant, is that the change is occurring at such a fast pace. Today’s consumers are looking for efficiency and ease, along with an immersive and personalized experience; and some retailers simply do not have enough time to adapt.

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Published on: 20 Oct 2017

As Amazon hunts for a location for its second North American headquarters, Canada’s major cities are building their cases.

In a short interview with the McGill Media team, Desautels Professor Saibal Ray talks about the benefits that a Montreal Amazon office would bring in terms of jobs and indirect benefits to the city’s academic and research sectors.

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Published on: 21 Sep 2017

In a recent op-ed for the Montreal Gazette, Desautels Dean Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou discussed the seismic changes that have affected the retail sector over the past thirty years.

Lately, Montreal’s local landscape has seen the closure of big-name brick-and-mortar stores, while next-generation concepts like Frank + Oak have shaken the whole paradigm. Online shopping isn’t exactly going away, either.

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Published on: 6 Jun 2017

When Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou started as Desautels Dean nearly two years ago, she immediately began work on a strategic plan and started to get to know the people who make up the faculty.

When Bajeux-Besnainou sat down with Poets & Quants, the Paris native said that McGill has proven to be the perfect match for her because it’s an English school in a French-speaking city.

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Published on: 26 May 2017

McGill University is on its way to becoming a global centre for retail-management training, thanks to a $25-million gift from Aldo Bensadoun (BCom'64, LLD'12) via the Bensadoun Family Foundation.

The goal is to launch an inter-disciplinary school where students can come together with researchers and industry insiders to develop solutions for the ever-changing modern retail landscape.

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Published on: 12 May 2017


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