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The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada is happy to announce that the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences has named Tax, Order, and Good Government: A New Political History of Canada, 1867-1917  as the winner for the English category of the 2018 Canada Prize, "awarded to books that make an exceptional contribution to scholarship, are engagingly written, and enrich the social, cultural and intellectual life of Canada.

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Published on: 9 Apr 2018

This week the Indigenous studies program made the news in the McGill Daily and the Eastern Door!

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Published on: 3 Apr 2018

The Indigenous Knowledge Holder Series this year was a major success! Ryan McMahon, CEO of Makoons Media and builder of Indian & Cowboy, spent the week at McGill contributing to our community. The Indigenous Knowledge Holder Series is the Indigenous Studies Program's flagship series.

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Published on: 28 Mar 2018

For the Indigenous Knowledge Holder Series, the Indigenous Studies Program invites an Indigenous Knowledge Holder to spend a week at the university to share their scholarship, work, and advocacy.  Indigenous Knowledge Holders ­– whether they be wampum belt holders, storytellers, artists, activists, hereditary leaders, or academics– encompass generations of knowledge embedded within the cultural and epistemological worldview of Indigenous communities that span generations, to enrich the McGill Community.

Published on: 16 Mar 2018

The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada is pleased to announce that the Quebec Writers' Federation has selected Tax, Order, and Good Government as a finalist for the Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction.

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Published on: 17 Oct 2017

It is with great excitement that the Indigenous Studies Program welcomes Dr. Heidi Senungetuk and Ms. Gabrielle Doreen to the Program. 
Dr. Senungetuk (Inupiaq) joins McGill as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Indigenous Studies after earning a PhD in Ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University. Her research has focused on Inupiaq music and dance in urban spaces in Alaska and she will be exploring northern Indigenous performative arts in Arctic regions under the supervision of Dr. Allan Downey during her time at McGill.

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Published on: 22 Aug 2017

Modern states have everywhere been born of tax revolts, and Canada was no exception. 

"This book shows that the history of taxation is not only important - it can also be provocative, infuriating, and exciting. Tax, Order, and Good Government is an essential read for all historians of Canada." — Eric Sager, University of Victoria

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Published on: 19 May 2017

An evaluation of the current electoral system in response to calls for its reform.

Published on: 27 Mar 2017

The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada is excited to announce that a work written by MISC co-founder Charles Bronfman was recently included in the long list for the National Business Book Award. Distilled: A Memoir of Family, Seagram, Baseball, and Philanthropy, is a personal account of Charles Bronfman's life experiences as they relate to familial relationships, landing Canada's first baseball franchise, promoting Canadian identity through Heritage Minutes, and the impact of the sale of Seagram. 

Published on: 6 Mar 2017

Last year, Justin Trudeau, the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, became Canada’s new leader, ending 10 years of Stephen Harper rule.

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Published on: 13 Oct 2016