International Day of the Girl 👧👧🏾👧🏻👧🏿👧🏼👧🏽


Published: 11Oct2020

Celebrate with us International Day of the Girl 


To celebrate the #DayOfTheGirl we are officially launching the Girlfesto Virtual Exhibition. The Girlfesto, a manifesto made by girls and for girls, was drafted at the Circles Within Circles conference which took place in Montebello, Quebec, Canada in July 2018 generously supported by the Trudeau Foundation.  

In this event, girls and young-women from Indigenous communities in Canada and South Africa, but also from countries such as Sweden and Russia, reflected how Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) affects their everyday lives and how it can be tackled.   

Their Girlfesto, addressed to decision-makers, is a demand for change. The text communicates the severity of the problem and the urgent need to take action.    

Visit the Girlfesto Virtual Exhibition and learn more about the process and people committed to creating spaces free from violence.

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