Dept. of English

The Department of English is proud to recognize the following students who have been selected for the awards and scholarships listed below for the 2019-2020 academic year.

(The writing prizes are all determined by committees made up of professors in the Department of English, who review submissions with the authors’ names removed.)


Algy Smillie Noad Memorial Prize for a superior Honours thesis

Julien William Gagnon


Published on: 18 Jun 2020

The John G. Diefenbaker Award allows a distinguished German scholar in the social sciences or humanities to conduct research in Canada, and spend brief periods gaining further experience at American institutions. The award is designed to encourage exchange between the university communities of Canada and Germany.

Classified as: Faculty of Arts, visiting professor, Department of English
Published on: 12 Jun 2019
Published on: 25 Aug 2011


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