'Close to Zero': Why you shouldn't worry about catching COVID from meat-19


Published: 11May2020

While meat packing plants have become virus hot spots, there have been no reported cases from food or food packaging. Experts explain why.

The odds of contracting COVID-19 by eating food processed in a slaughterhouse impacted by outbreaks are “close to zero,” food safety experts say. Food processing plants have been particularly hard hit by outbreaks of COVID-19, with many forced to temporarily shut down as the fast-moving virus spreads among workers. The Cargill plant south of Calgary has taken the toughest blows, with 921 cases of the virus recorded among 2,000 employees.

... “There’s no way it survives cooking,” said Dr. Jennifer Ronholm, a professor of agricultural and environmental sciences at McGill University. “So if you get meat from a plant take it home and cook it — you’re good.”


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