AGSEM - Engaging Students with Zoom as a TA


AGSEM - Engaging Students with Zoom as a TA

In this interactive webinar, new and experienced teaching assistants alike will become familiar with how they can use Zoom, the web conferencing tool used for remote teaching at McGill. We will review how to use Zoom’s various features as a teaching assistant and focus on interactive strategies to create engaging remote learning environments.

IMPORTANT: Students must register with their official McGill email address in order for the registration to be valid.


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No-Show Fee Alert: There are no fees associated with SKILLSETS webinars; however, registering for an online event is a commitment to attend. If you can no longer attend, make sure to cancel your registration. Otherwise, a $25 No-Show Fee will be charged to your McGill student account. Exceptions will only be made for students in the case of emergencies or “extenuating circumstances”. (

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