Digital notebooks

Digital notebooks

CIRM's digital notebooks are knowledge transfer tools intended for the general public as well as researchers and practitioners. They aim to ensure the continuity of the events organized by CIRM through short articles, photos and videos, in addition to offering a summary of the featured activity and a presentation of its participating panelists.

More than a simple report, each digital notebook is designed to highlight ideas, questions, avenues for reflection, and potential solutions that were discussed during these meetings. The publications are written in the language(s) of the event.

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02. À nous la ville! Traité de municipalisme seminar —
event held in the Spring of 2018

Couverture du cahier "À nous la ville" | "À nous la ville" notebook cover

This second digital notebook allows readers to reflect on the eponymous essay by Jonathan Durand Folco (CIRM / Saint Paul U.). In his text entitled “Promesses et défis du municipalisme”, the author looks at both the founding principles and the concrete applications of this political project. He highlights the possibilities and limits of municipalism in order to better identify the strategic perspectives to be adopted. This digital notebook also presents a commentary by Caroline Patsias (CIRM / UQAM) on issues of equality and human relationships in the creation of local commons.

Published in June 2020, 17 pages [in French].

01. Conference-experience DIY Urbanism
event held in the Fall of 2018

DIY Urbanism cover
CIRM is pleased to launch this publication series by looking back on the conference-experience DIY Urbanism, with Gordon Douglas (San José State U.). In his text entitled “The Vitality of Participatory Urbanisms, and Some Cautions”, the visiting researcher offers an interdisciplinary perspective on urban agriculture issues and the inequality that inhabits initiatives of “do-it-yourself” urbanism. This digital notebook further includes an analysis of urban agriculture by Athanasios Tommy Mihou (Paysage solidaire), and a foreword by Jan Doering (CIRM / McGill U.).

Published in May 2020, 21 pages.

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