Michel Hellman

Michel Hellman is a cartoonist, illustrator, lecturer at the Université du Québec en Outaouais and art history teacher. He is interested in the relationship between urban space and comics.

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Project: Montréal neighborhoods

McConnell Professor of Practice at CIRM since 2024, Michel Hellman would like to work on a cartographic comic book project on Montréal neighborhoods. The book would bring together portraits, stories, anecdotes and slices of life in comic strip form. It would not be a simple census of Montréal's different neighborhoods, but rather an attempt to capture the pulse of what constitutes the experience of a neighborhood community, focusing on the specific point of view of its inhabitants. The aim would be to present a "sensitive" cartography (one that records the personal experience of the territory) using the narrative techniques and visual vocabulary specific to comics.

Lecture: Mapping Montréal through comics: Michel Hellman's project

On May 29, Michel Hellman, our McConnell 2024 practicing teacher (in partnership with the Montreal Comic Arts Festival), gave a talk at CIRM. It was an opportunity to hear about his project during his residency with us, his inspirations and his creative process. A report is available.

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