The F-MR Lab

The ceiling of the MR-63 metro car

A series of roundtables

MR-63 and CIRM invite the general public and its collaborator to discover the miniseries The F-MR Lab These four virtual discussions, presented monthly from March to June, explore possible issues and questions encountered in the creation and management of the future venue for art, design, and gastronomy in Montreal that MR-63 will be. In addition to cultural and heritage issues, the participants – representatives of the research and practice communities, members of the MR-63 team, and citizens - will exchange on issues related to the ecological transition and territorial inclusions.  

Video recordings of the roundtables can be found on our Multimedia page.

Poster for the Heritage Conservation eventHeritage Conservation

March 26 | Facilitator: Aliki Economides (McEwen School of Architecture / CIRM)   

How can the integration of subway cars into the architecture of the MR-63 project contribute to the preservation of the collective memory and the expression of values and aspirations for the future of Montreal? This will be the question addressed during this roundtable, featuring Martin Drouin (UQAM), Benoît Clairoux (STM), Scott MacLeod (MacLeod 9 Productions) and Frédéric Morin-Bordeleau (MR-63).

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Poster for the Ecological Transition eventEcological transition 

April 30 | Facilitator: Stéphanie Barker (Space for Life Foundation)   

What actions can social and cultural enterprises take to participate in the ecological transition and environmental justice? What are the indicators needed to evaluate an ecological strategy for the procurement, management, and operation of an enterprise like MR-63? This second meeting of the series will be an opportunity to discuss the success of the ecological transition, and in particular, the role played by industries, businesses, and economic actors in the metropolis. With Mylène Champagne (MR-63), Bechara Helal (UdeM), Véronique Lemieux (Vignes en ville), Pierre-Laurent Macridis (Fondaction) and moderator Stéphanie Barker (Fondation Espace pour la vie).

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Poster for the Territorial Inclusion eventTerritorial inclusion

May 21 | Facilitator: Déborah Cherenfant (Jeune Chambre de commerce de Montréal)

On Friday, May 21, MR-63 and CIRM invite you to take part in the third episode of the miniseries "The F-MR Lab", with Déborah Cherenfant (Jeune Chambre de commerce de Montréal), Raja Abid (UdeM), Dorothée de Collasson (Exeko), Vicente Pérez (Coalition de la Petite-Bourgogne), and Ziyi Shi (MR-63).

The scene of many rapid transformations in recent years, Griffintown is often cited as a counter-example of a neighborhood where inclusion and social diversity have been principles in its development. What social, cultural, and economic realities should a company like MR-63 be aware of as it sets up shop in a neighbourhood? How can it identify these realities and needs? What processes or activities can MR-63 put in place with the community to make its exhibition space and programming safe and inclusive for its employees, but also for its clientele and for the citizens of the neighbourhood and the city who feel less or not concerned by its offer?

Poster for the Culture eventCulture  

June 18 | Facilitator: Laurent Vernet (UdeM / CIRM)   

What is the state of culture and creativity in Montreal in 2021? Do cultural institutions need to be rethought in light of current social, cultural and economic realities? How can we attract or create audiences?

On June 18, CIRM and MR-63 invite you to the last event in The F-MR Lab series on the state of culture in Montreal and its institutionalization. Hosted by Laurent Vernet (UdeM / CIRM), this episode will bring together Myriam Achard (PHI Centre), Marie-Michèle Cron (Conseil des Arts de Montréal), Martin Dufrasne (Dare-Dare), Étienne Morin-Bordeleau (MR-63), and Hanieh Ziaei (Centre culturel Georges-Vanier) to reflect on the role of MR-63 as a new permanent venue for the dissemination of art, design, and gastronomy in Griffintown.

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The MR-63 Impact Lab  

The F-MR Lab is an inaugural activity for the future MR-63 Impact Lab. This action-research project brings together researchers and practitioners who, through their expertise, will be able to guide MR-63’s co-founders and team as to the best practices to adopt for the construction and management of their building, as well as for the anchoring of its activities in the artistic and community environments of Montreal. The work of the MR-63 Impact Lab will take place over four years and will unfold in iterative phases to ensure a gradual integration of the recommendations of the researchers and practitioner into the operation of the organization, so that MR-63 remains nimble and accountable in its management, in addition to fostering its integration into the social fabric of Griffintown and bordering neighbourhoods.

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